The iMAR Affiliate Program

Become an exclusive iMAR Affiliate in your territory and enter an uncrowded market offering incredible opportunities surrounding entertainment and sports marketing. iMAR Entertainment services broadcasters, companies, and brands worldwide, and connects them with entertainment and sports via our various divisions:

We arrange for exclusive celebrity and sports prize packages for use within promotional campaigns, including Meet and Greets, Red Carpet access, VIP tickets, and other money-can’t-buy experiences that make a huge splash in the market.

Corporate Incentives
We offer companies worldwide the chance to send their clients and employees on unforgettable experiences to attend the most globally-known events and mingle amongst entertainment’s elite, including the Cannes Film Festival, the Grammys, Oscars, and so much more.

Live Events
We leverage our relationships within the industry to connect talent with events and appearances around the world. We also produce our own events worldwide in order to connect our clients with the most popular names today via sponsorships, promotions, and other means.

We collaborate on company projects that require a connection with entertainment and sports. We understand endorsements, licensing, populating celebrity attendance at public events, and more.

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Some words about us

Based in Los Angeles, iMAR was founded in 2006. Our Affiliate Program is an integral part of our our expansion of entertainment and sports marketing offerings to all corners of the globe.

What we do

We firmly believe that there’s no market on earth where our products wouldn’t work. Entertainment and sports are industries with global crossover appeal, and successful companies worldwide yearn for ways in which they can align themselves with what’s popular today. Our Affiliates are able to offer their clients exclusive access to iMAR’s catalogue of products and services, which span across our four divisions.

Our Affiliates are able to offer their clients exclusive access to iMAR’s catalogue of products and services, which span across our four divisions.

Click on the below examples of projects of each iMAR Divison:

  • Promotions: Meet Justin Bieber in New York City

    Offer a promotion where the winner will be flown to New York, enjoy VIP tickets to see Justin in concert and backstage passes to meet him and snap a photo. iMAR takes care of all elements of the prize including booking the flights, accommodations, transfers, and provides 24/7 support during the trip.

    iMAR offers over 100 different promotions of this caliber in the entertainment and sports verticals. These promotions are offered to broadcasters, print media, consumer brands and services, shopping centers, retail outlets, car dealerships, or any other business looking to gain exposure by aligning themselves with the most recognized names in the world.

  • Corporate Incentives: Rock, Shop, and Recover

    Send your employees or clients on an unforgettable experience to Rock in Los Angeles at a major music awards show, Shop in Beverly Hills with a personal shopper, and finally Recover in Hawaii with luxurious accommodations and exquisite spa treatments. All fulfillment is provided by iMAR.

    iMAR offers dozens of corporate incentives packages taking place around the world. These packages are offered to companies of any size - small, medium, or large. Companies can choose how to award the packages whether by achieving sales goals, team building, client appreciation, etc.

  • Live Events: Robin Thicke’s MTV Awards After Party

    iMAR produced and hosted Robin Thicke’s exclusive After Party following the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam. Following Robin’s live performance of global phenomenon Blurred Lines at the ceremony, 3400 guests waited to celebrate with him at the After Party. This included a Red Carpet with celebrity attendees, media coverage, a performance by Robin, and DJ’s spinning into the night. iMAR brought in sponsors, sold tickets and experiences, and offered broadcast packages to radio and television stations locally.

    iMAR continuously provides exclusive artist opportunities to its Affiliates around the world. Affiliates are responsible for monetizing the events by selling sponsorship packages, promotions to win tickets, corporate experience packages, broadcasting deals, and by selling tickets to the public. Events include concert after parties (following the artist’s local public concert in the territory), album release events, and more.

  • Consulting: Licensing and Partnership

    Utilize a football stadium in Europe for concerts outside the football season. A soccer team requests assistance from iMAR to arrange for concerts at the stadium during its “dark days”. iMAR researches and evaluates the events that would have the ability to sell as a stadium show, negotiates the deal, arranges the production, and assists with marketing and putting together sales channels.

    Licensees seek for consulting opportunities that involve entertainment licensing, talent endorsements, and much more. These consultancies are available on a project-by-project or continuous basis.

Affiliate Offices

iMAR is seeking Affiliates around the world. Currently Affiliate opportunities involve exclusivity throughout the entire country and sub-Affiliate agreements are available for evaluation.

Opening an iMAR Affiliate office is likely more affordable that you think. Unlike most affiliate models, iMAR requires no upfront costs. Affiliates should exhibit the ability to successfully run a business, create and maintain client relationships, and a steady sales channel. Contact us to request more information.

Affiliate Brochure

Download our Affiliate Brochure to learn more about this opportunity and contact us to discuss becoming an Affiliate.


Benefits of an iMAR Affiliate

iMAR supports its Affiliate offices continuously throughout the year via various means. Affiliate offices are first and foremost sales offices, while the iMAR's Regional Offices, located in Europe (EMEA), the U.S. (LATAM), and Asia (APAC) oversee the Affiliate program throughout their respective territories, guaranteeing immediate responses and providing swift solutions to our Affiliates during their business hours.

  • Extensive Catalogue of Promotions

    Promotion packages such as celebrity experiences (VIP tickets to a concert, meet and greets, etc) access to award shows, fashion events, movie premieres, and some of the best global sporting events. These packages are made available by the Affiliate to companies of any size.

  • Extensive Catalogue of Corporate Incentives

    Most of the packages available for promotions are made available by Affiliates to their clients as corporate incentive packages so that clients can thank their best clients and employees in unforgettable ways.

  • Inside Information

    iMAR offers Affiliates insight into forthcoming album releases, movie premieres, artist visits to their region, and more to assist in strategizing their next opportunity.

  • Event Production

    Affiliates are able to host celebrity events in their region utilizing iMAR’s wealth of contacts and monetize them via sponsorship, broadcasting, and ticketing deals.

  • Affiliate Website

    iMAR’s website is continuously updated with latest packages and offers allowing clients to find their ideal opportunity and contact the Affiliate directly online.

  • Networking

    Affiliates are able to network with other local Affiliates in the region where contact sharing, advice, and insight, may play a key role in pursuing a common goal.

  • Exclusivity

    Affiliates are awarded regional exclusivity with no other office competing within their market.

  • Training & Guidance

    Affiliates are trained thoroughly and are assisted throughout the Affiliate term on an ongoing basis via training manuals, video calls, centralized systems, and more.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of candidates are you seeking? Do I need to have a background in entertainment?

A background in entertainment is certainly not necessary however could come in useful. More importantly, candidates should have the ability to meticulously follow iMAR’s strategies and guidance, create and maintain successful client relationships, grow a great network of independent sales agents as required, and communicate effectively with iMAR’s head office. Sales and managerial backgrounds are viewed as more important than a background in entertainment.

As an Affiliate, am I able to own other businesses?

Absolutely. Affiliates are not required to dedicate themselves full time to iMAR, however in this case they would be required to hire a manager that would be. While you are certainly able to run other non-competing businesses, iMAR cannot be incorporated within another business and must be branded and run as a separate entity. We do recognize that iMAR’s products can compliment other businesses and products and we’re happy for them to do so, however the goal is for our Affiliates to maximize sales of our products and not others.

Can I set up a time to discuss this opportunity further?

We encourage it! Feel free to contact us to set up a time to chat over the phone or via video conference.

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Some of our clients

iMAR continuously works with media companies, including television and radio stations, print publications, marketing agencies and consumer brands and services across the world. Some of our clients include:

Connecting businesses worldwide with the best in entertainment and sports

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